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Peter Boykin
Peter Boykin
Licensed Sales Producer/Agent

Office: Main Office
Phone: 561-422-7071
Fax: 561-422-7072

Peter Boykin   


Licensed Account Manager
Allstate Insurance Company
DMG Insurance & Financial Services
543 N State Road 7 Ste 106
Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411
Telephone:  561-422-7071
Fax: 561-422-7072


Mr. Boykin is a licensed (2-20) General Lines Insurance Agent.  His experience in the industry began in 2003 when the office first started from the ground up.  With his extensive knowledge on insurance rules and regulations he is able to provide not only the best in customer satisfaction, but he also has the tools needed to properly inform customers on what types of coverages are needed in any situation.


Peter is a graduate of Florida State University in 1999 with a degree in Business Administration. Soon thereafter, he was married to wife, Mari, and now has two beautiful children, Noah (12) and Juliette (5).  Peter is positive that both his children will be attending Florida State University as well.


Peter’s background prior to insurance comes from a long line of bagel restaurants.  When the family sold the business he chose to seek a different  career path which led him to the insurance industry and several years later he is one of Allstate’s/DMG Insurance & Financial Services’, Inc. most valuable insurance agents.


Peter knows life certainly can bring us challenges along the way.  He also believes with a strong passion, you must feel confident in knowing that you and your family are properly protected, and of course In Good Hands.


543 N State Road 7
STE 106
Royal Palm Beach FL 33411
Phone: 561-422-7071
Fax: 561-422-7072

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